Anxiety & Your Brain

Stress Worry Woman with Text on White

Do you worry a lot?  Do you struggle with invasive, negative, self-defeating thoughts that you can’t seem to stop?

Have you tried counseling, meditating, even medication, and found sporadic, or little to no relief?

Did you know that anxiety is a symptom of Brain Dysregulation?  You have Anxiety Networks in your brain and when they get out of whack, no matter what you do, you will struggle with worry until those networks get re-regulated.

Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive, efficient and effective way to re-train the Anxiety Networks in your brain to take on the Habit of CALM.  You actually can achieve the brain of a lifelong meditator in a short time with Loreta Z Score Neurofeedback, the Ferrari of Neurofeedback!  

You don’t have to take dangerous anti-anxiety medications that create a host of unwanted side effects. 

         Side Effects of Anti-Anxiety Medications

                 * Addiction and difficulty getting off medication

                 * Impaired Memory Formation

                 * Increased Anxiety, Anger, Fear & Frustration

                 * Insomnia

                 * Muscle Pain & Weakness

                 * Cognitive Impairment / Inability to Think Clearly

                 * Coordination problems

                 * Headaches

                 * Depression              

Instead of taking dangerous medications that MIGHT merely suppress symptoms for a short time, you can actually retrain your Brainwave Habits in a very safe, effective, and lasting way.

Rather than treating your health as a short term expense by throwing your money into the current “disease care system” that only benefits when you remain sick, decide to invest in yourself so you can be the healthiest and best you. 

Train your Brain and Live Fearlessly and Abundantly!  Try Neurofeedback.

There are several kinds of Neurofeedback on the market now and so you want to be a smart consumer.  Here are the questions you should ask of any provider who is offering Neurofeedback:

  1. Are you certified by the BCIA? 
  2. Is your Neurofeedback FDA Approved?
  3. Is your Neurofeedback based upon my individual functional neuroimage, or 3-D Brainmap? Or are you using a one-size-fits all program?
  4. Does a qualified Neurofeedback provider actually run my session or do you just hook me up to a machine and let it run a program?

Dr. Dale Foster is a BCIA Certified Senior Fellow, a QEEG Diplomate and a Licensed Neuropsychologist with 30 years’ experience in evidence based NeuroFeedback.

Give us a call for a Free Phone Consult:  (901) 624-0100



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