Sleep Problems and Your Brain

Sleep problems brain neurofeedback

Do you have trouble turning your brain off at night?  Does your over-active thinking get in the way of either getting to sleep or staying asleep?

Did you know that your brain can be the biggest factor causing your sleep problems?

The Problem

Sleep problems are often related to brain dysregulation.

When the anxiety networks of your brain are overexcited, as happens with chronic stress, your brain has a hard time turning off.  It’s not just a thinking problem, nor a biochemical problem.  It’s a wiring problem. 

The Good News

At Memphis Neurofeedback, we can help re-wire the brain. We train the brain to be more calm and less reactive to stressors.  When the brain develops calmer habits, it is more able to settle down into sleep and stay asleep.

When you get good sleep you are ultimately think more clearly and creatively.  And even more than merely improving sleep, with neurofeedback, we often see IQ actually increase!

So, if you want to be healthier, sleep better, get smarter, and perform better in all areas of your life, invest in becoming your optimal self by investing in Neurofeedback.

 There are several kinds of Neurofeedback on the market now and so you want to be a smart consumer. Here are the questions you should ask of any provider who is offering Neurofeedback:

  1. Are you certified by the BCIA?  
  2. Is your Neurofeedback FDA Approved?
  3. Is your Neurofeedback based upon my individual functional neuroimage, or 3-D Brainmap?  Or are you using a one-size-fits all program?
  4. Does a qualified Neurofeedback provider actually run my session or do you just hook me up to a machine and let it run a program?
  5. And for maximum impact, are you a Psychologist or Counselor who can also help us with the cognitive and emotional aspects of behavior and life change needed?

Dr. Dale Foster is a BCIA Certified Senior Fellow, a QEEG Diplomate and a Licensed Neuropsychologist with 30 years’ experience in evidence based NeuroFeedback.

Call us at Memphis Neurofeedback to learn more about how Neurofeedback can help you sleep!  (901) 624-0100.

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