Protect Your Brain From Stress


Are you stressed out in your day-to-day life? Learn more about what is hindering your brain from being a happy brain!

What is stress?

Stress is your perceptions or interpretations of what the stressors mean.

What are stressors?

Stressors are things outside of your control and typically outside of your body.

Two Types of Stress:


  1. Positive stress is stress that helps you maintain proper energy and to stayed motivated.
  2. Negative stress is stress that drains the body and brain.

Top 4 Stressors that may be affecting you:


  • Money
  • Work
  • Family
  • Health

Effects of Stress to the Body:

  • Temporary shut-down of immune system, digestive system, and endocrine system dysregulation during “fight or flight” mode.
  • “Amygdala hijack” which means tha the part of your brain which controls reason and thought processing are temporarily shut-down while the instinctive part of the brain takes over.

Practical Solutions:


  1. Eat Healthy– Consume whole, real food. Cut out sugars and grains that turn into sugar. Add good veggies, proteins, and fats- yes, fats! Include brain lovin’ fats such as: coconut oil, olive oil, real grass fed butter, egg yolks, and avocados.


2.  Practice SMART Sleep- S= Same bed time each night, M= Magnesium, A= Away from the electronics, R= Really dark, and T= temperatures low.

meditation3. Meditation- Sit quiet for at least 30 minutes a day. Reflect on happy thoughts while breathing from the diaphragm, and not the chest. This helps lower cortisol levels and increase DHEA which is the vitality hormone.


4. Neurofeedback- With neurofeedback, you are able to train your brain to be more resilient to stress. You can also target the stress in your brain as the brain is re-regulated.