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What does a typical Neurofeedback session look like?

At Memphis Neurofeedback, we follow a therapeutic routine that includes the following:

  1. Making the client as comfortable as possible.
  2. Guiding our clients to be in an “AARF State” (awake, aware, relaxed, and focused).
  3. Reviewing and evaluating goals the client made for themselves.
  4. Heart Rate Variability Training. We see this time as a great opportunity to practice a breathing technique that oxygenates the brain and balances the autonomic nervous system. 
  5. An EEG cap is placed on the client’s head and ear electrodes on the client’s ears. All of this is non-invasive and pain-free.
  6. The client then can choose to watch a movie or play a mind game. The EEG cap reads the client’s brainwaves. When the client’s brain begins to improve in the areas in which we are training it, the movie or game plays big and loud.  When their brain does not improve, the movie or game gets small and quiet.  This is the “feedback” of neurofeedback and it helps the brain learn a new habit.  With sufficient neurofeedback, the brain maintains its new habit.  

For maximum effectiveness, a QEEG brain map is recommended prior to beginning neurofeedback sessions. 

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