Trauma Recovery

Do you or someone you love struggle with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress? Such as:
* Do you have trouble with nightmares or flashbacks?

* Are you unable to get good sleep?

* Are you hyper-vigilant, anxiously expecting the worst might happen?

* Do you have a difficult time trusting anyone?

At Memphis Neurofeedback we are experienced in helping people struggling through trauma recovery to stabilize their brainwave patterns so their bodies can re-learn to rest and trust.

Using the most well researched forms of Neuro and Biofeedback we help your brain and body re-set and overcome the dysregulation that trauma induced.  When the brain and body reset, the traumatic memories lose their disruptive power and your system can remain calm and energized to meet daily demands and even more, to move back into pursuing life goals and dreams.

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