Stress Relief

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sad young woman with worried stressed face expression and brain melting into lines

Do you find yourself …

* Feeling continually behind the 8 ball; like you can never catch up?
* Having a hard time relaxing or sleeping?

* Having a short fuse with those around you?
* Feeling chronically tense in your neck and shoulders?
* Always worried about the future?
* Having thoughts that automatically default to all that is wrong in the world?

At Memphis Neurofeedback we can help you learn to reset your mind and body to handle daily stressors with more resilience and effectiveness.

Your body and mind have the capacity to rise above your circumstances and function with more ease and efficiency.  Handling stress well is not an innate characteristic, but a learned ability.

We can help you learn, with evidenced based Neuro and Biofeedback as well as well Researched Coaching Techniques, how to re-train your brain and body to respond with your inner wisdom and flow rather than fight, flight or freeze.

Give us a call.  We are happy to spend time with you on the phone to see if the services we offer would be a good fit for you.

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