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pEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is a therapy which focuses on balancing energy within the body. All of the organs in the body have their own bioelectromagnetic field. A disruption in the balance of that energy can result in the impaired cell functioning. During pEMF therapy cellular energy is re-regulated.


If you wish to:

*Decrease pain

*Improve post-surgery healing

*Improve sleep

*Improve blood circulation

*Improve wound healing

*Improve immunity

*Increase bone density

*Improve energy and vitality

*Promote elimination of bodily toxins

*Reduce stress and fatigue

*Relieve anxiety and promotes relaxation

*Reduced inflammation

*Increased endurance and strength

*Improved gastric motility

Lee Ann sets up a PEMF session at the Mid South Worker’s Compensation Association for an eager attender.

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