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pEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy focuses on balancing energy within the body. All of the organs in the body have their own bioelectromagnetic field. A disruption in the balance of the bioelectromagnetic fields can result in impaired cell functioning. When the cells are impaired, the body’s systems cannot operate optimally and over time, this leads to disease processes and pain.  During pEMF therapy cellular energy is re-regulated so the body can more effectively perform its self healing processes.  Many people report pain relief and a variety of other positive benefits when using pEMF therapy.  


If you wish to:

*Decrease pain

*Enhance post-surgery healing

*Support better sleep

*Improve blood circulation

*Support wound healing

*Enhance immunity

*Support healthy bone density

*Improve energy and vitality

*Promote elimination of bodily toxins

*Reduce stress and fatigue

*Relieve anxiety and promote relaxation

*Reduce inflammation

*Enhance endurance and strength

*Support gastric motility

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Lee Ann sets up a PEMF session at the Mid South Worker’s Compensation Association for an eager attender.

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