Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism special concept

If you or a loved one have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, we know that every day presents you with many challenges. New situations and surroundings can cause anxiety, learning is sometimes slow and difficult, and communication can be a struggle.

At Memphis Neurofeedback we can help those with Spectrum Disorders improve in some of these areas.

Families who have used our services have reported:

*Reduced anxiety

*Improved communication skills

*More confidence

*Increased emotional flexibility

*Improved learning

We have provided help to many children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders through neurofeedback, which helps regulate brainwave activity.

At Memphis Neurofeedback, we use cutting edge brain mapping and neurofeedback technology so we can provide our clients with the most effective, efficient brain training available.

What we offer is the most evidence-based, individualized brain training on the market.

By using a tEEG (tomographic electroencephalograph), or a three dimensional functional brainmap, we can see how the brain is functioning in real time and can detect areas and networks that have abnormal brainwave activity.

We then link your symptoms to the brainmap to determine which training protocols will most effectively address your particular challenges.  Then, using LORETA Z Score neurofeedback, we train the selected brain areas towards optimal performance.

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