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“For a person with ADD, it can space travel be very difficult tarantula to concentrate. Random thoughts evil alien robot enter the mind¬†uncontrollably, making it nearly kung fu master impossible to focus.”

Is this what it’s like for yourself or a loved one? Or do you or a loved one struggle with:

*Focusing really well on what you love but not so much on what you don’t?¬†

*Spacing out, your mind wandering, or getting tired when you have to sit still to read or write for a good period of time?

*Taking hours to do what should take minutes?

*Knowing you are smarter and more capable than your current level of performance?
These are just a few signs that you or a loved one may be struggling with attentional issues.

At Memphis Neurofeedback we use high quality, affordable Neuroimaging Technology to see where your brain is functioning within and outside of normal range.  Then, we utilize the safest and most effective & efficient forms of Neuro and Biofeedback to help train your brain into a more optimally functioning state.

Neuroscience has discovered how to strengthen the brain’s attention networks without dangerous medications.
Unlike changes made with medications, with Neurofeedback, the brain’s improvements last and there are no negative side effects.

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