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Dr. Dale S. Foster’s younger brother, Dean, had Cerebral Palsy and Dale knew that despite his struggling body, he was a bright little boy full of love and good humor. This special relationship drew Dale to study the brain and body connection.  Dale is a lifelong learner and it is in his DNA to continually educate himself about the quickly growing field of Neuroscience and pursue excellence in utilizing the best life transformation tools available so he can partner with people to improve their lives.

Alongside his wife, Lee Ann, Dale founded Memphis Integral Neurofeedback  Institute or simply Memphis Neurofeedback in 2004. Together they have successfully helped clients who have struggled with many challenges, from ADD to anxiety and from depression to memory loss. Located Cordova, TN; Memphis Neurofeedback has stretched beyond the Memphis community.

At Memphis Neurofeedback you will find compassionate professionals who will partner with you in overcoming your challenges and capitalizing upon your strengths.  We use well researched, safe and effective Neuro and Biofeedback Technologies and Coaching Techniques to help your brain and body reset to more optimal levels of functioning.

We were featured on Actions News 5

After we saw that the web was buzzing with the topics of concussion and PTSD, we decided that we wanted to contribute to the conversation. WMC Action News 5 saw what amazing work we do here and decided to do a story on us! We are very happy with the coverage and encourage you to watch the story below.

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