About Lee Ann Foster, MS


Lee Ann Foster, MS                                

Neurofeedback Provider
Licensed HeartMath Coach
Institute of Nutritional Leadership Certificate


Lee Ann is a red headed, post menopausal mother of two amazing, red headed teen girls, and the wife of a wonderful Psychologist (that would be Dr. Foster)  – with whom she works every. single. day.  So, yeah, in the midst of a hormonal palooza and running a business with her spouse, she’s a bit crazy, but in the very best way!

Neurofeedback has been a great help in Lee Ann’s own healing journey.  It helped her break through some long standing trauma and health issues in ways that other healing modalities had not.  She has been able to use her education and personal traumas and healing experiences to offer transformational services to people who want to improve their lives.

Lee Ann’s passion is to help people learn how to live the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling lives possible.  As a Master’s level counselor, a Health Coach, a Neurofeedback provider, a Stress expert and a lover of God and people, Lee Ann gives her clients the type of care that is well rounded, holistic, and evidence based.  And she goes above and beyond in serving the families that come to Memphis Neurofeedback. Check out the testimonials page!

Here are some of the people and struggles Lee Ann helps:

Are you the parent of a struggling child?  Are you stressed out as you try to juggle self care while also caring for your loved one’s special needs, the rest of your family, as well as the myriad of daily tasks that HAVE to get done?

Lee Ann can help you make self care doable, even amongst all the other care you need to do.  Lee Ann employs Neuro and Biofeedback Technologies and Coaching Practices to help you learn what self and family care practices best fit both your needs and your family’s.

Have you experienced trauma as a child, or as an adult, and are finding it hard to get past the fears and blocks that prevent you from doing the things you want to do?

Lee Ann has over 10 years of experience working with childhood trauma victims using biofeedback technologies that calm the system and coaching techniques that help move people out of survival mode and into living and thriving.  Lee Ann is also a survivor of childhood trauma herself and as such, has great compassion for trauma survivors.  It is her view that each one has a unique story and healing path and that path can unfold more effectively when the brain and nervous system are balanced.  Through LORETA Z Score training and HPN neurofeedback, along with other biofeedback and coaching techniques you can learn to balance your own internal stress response and get in touch with what your body needs to overcome the trauma and release you into freedom.

Do you know in your head what changes you need to make in order to have a healthier, happier life, but can’t seem to follow through on those changes? 

Lee Ann uses a combination of performance technologies and evidence based coaching techniques to help individuals and families make the changes that bring about peace, wellness and improved performance.

Coaching Modalities may include:

High Performance Neurofeedback (HPN) to help with stress, trauma and some pain related issues

Stress Transformation Coaching

Heart Rate Variability training for Stress Reduction and Energy Optimization
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (pEMF)

Cognitive Behavioral Training

Wellness Coaching – choosing nutrient dense, delicious food options, appropriate supplements, body movement / exercise practices and building effective sleep habits.

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